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Pareiasaurs from Upper Permian of China [Shansisaurus] (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

In the new issue of Vertebrata PalAsiatica:

LI Xing-Wen & LIU Jun (2013)
New specimens of pareiasaurs from the Upper Permian Sunjiagou
Formation of Liulin, Shanxi and their implications for the taxonomy of
Chinese pareiasaurs.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica 51(3):199-204

New pareiasaur specimens from the Sunjiagou Formation of Xuecun,
Liulin, Shanxi,China are described. These new specimens comprise two
marginal teeth from the upper jaw (IVPP V 18613) and an incomplete
left dentary with teeth (IVPP V 18614). They provide novel anatomical
information and allow the direct comparison of Sanchuansaurus pygmaeus
with Huanghesaurus liulinensis. The two taxa cannot be differentiated
by the known features, and both taxa are declared junior synonyms of
Shansisaurus xuecunensis.