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Re: A question for zoonomenclaturists

Thank you for pointing these, David. This is why I was annoyed with this species name: the author expressly indicated what he meant - a good point - but messed up with the Latin... so I was wondering if it was valid or if it should have been considered as unavailable.

In any case, would you know what could be the status of the genus that was created at the same type? The type species being unavailable, is it also the case for the genus ?

Also, I had no idea that femur was related to fēmina... Deep etymologies are incredible ! This is why it's a pity that French people don't embarass themselves with Latin declension anymore. They miss so many interesting and funny connections... :-/

Le 23/09/2013 18:01, David Marjanovic a écrit :
Forgot two things.


Well, I hope sincerely that the next version of the Code will be more
accessible and understandable, but we are still not there!

The code of prokaryote nomenclature is accessible and understandable because 
somebody sat down and rewrote the whole thing in his spare time.

I've often wanted to do the same to the ICZN, but that's not gonna happen soon! 
Also, nobody could do it alone -- rewriting that book would reveal several 
contradictions or likely contradictions that the Commission would need to rule 


You brought up femur -- femora. That's actually just one of two options. 

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