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Re: A question for zoonomenclaturists

> so I was wondering if it was
> valid or if it should have been considered as unavailable.

The _species_ isn't unavailable; what's not clear is if the spelling of its 
name is correct. Any correction would not be a nomenclatural act; instead, the 
corrected spelling would be attributed to the original authors and the original 

> In any case, would you know what could be the status of the genus that
> was created at the same type? The type species being unavailable, is it
> also the case for the genus ?

Would surprise me. The species is available, so the genus has an available 
species as its type species.

> Also, I had no idea that femur was related to fēmina...

It's not! :-) Short e and long ē have different origins. Wiktionary provides 
quite different etymologies for them (here's fēmina: 
https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/femina#Latin ).