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SVP Student and Postdoctoral Roundtable

Posted on behalf of Eugenia Gold. (Apologies for the cross post with VRTPALEO.)

Hello list members!

This year the Annual SVP Student and Postdoctoral Roundtable Forum
will be held on October 31st from 7:30-11:30PM. From 7:30-10:30PM we
will have themed tables to foster discussion with experts on various
topics. During this time will also have extra tables available for
people looking for prospective students or interns.

If you would like to reserve a table to meet with forum attendees,
please contact Eugenia Leone Gold, Co-chair of the SVP Student and
Postdoctoral Committee, at meleonegold@gmai.com.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!


David V. Tana
Member, SVP Student & Post-doctoral Liaison Committee
University of Maryland, College Park