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Bonatitan (Cretaceous titanosaur from Argentina) redescribed

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

L. Salgado, P.A. Gallina & A. Paulina Carabajal (2014)
Redescription of Bonatitan reigi (Sauropoda: Titanosauria), from the
Campanian–Maastrichtian of the Río Negro Province (Argentina).
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

The titanosaur sauropod Bonatitan reigi is redescribed. The material
collected, originally interpreted as pertaining to two different
individuals, is reorganised in five individuals, and the original type
specimen is separated into three different individuals. One of the
braincases is designated as a new type specimen. Some materials are
described by the first time (sacral ribs, distal caudal, chevrons,
metacarpals, astragalus and metatarsals), others reinterpreted as
different bones (‘ulna’ and ‘radius’). The diagnosis of B. reigi is
emended, removing some of the original characters (longitudinal groove
located on the suture between the parietals that continues posteriorly
over the supraoccipital to the foramen magnum) and adding some new
(small paired pits on the frontals and posterior ridge of the
metacarpal IV). The phylogenetic analysis does not support B. reigi as
a member of the Saltasaurinae, but rather as a basal member of a broad
clade of sauropods that in turn is recovered as the sister group of
the Saltasauridae.