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RE: Jurassic Restaurant opens in L.A

We used to have a bar & grill called "Dinosaurs" in northern Prince Georges 
County, Maryland (up the road north of College Park.) It was a generic bar & 
grill, not bad, but had wall murals of dinosaurs (mostly ripped off from 
Zallinger and the like).

Totally unknown to the owners of the joint, though: they were right next to the 
property where the Arundel Beds of the Patuxent Fm are exposed, and thus the 
best hunting ground for Early Cretaceous dinosaurs in eastern North America!

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> Jurassic Park “bootleg” restaurant opens in Los Angeles. It looks terribly 
> tacky, but entertaining nonetheless! There have to be major
> copyright issues with this place and website, right? See below:
> http://www.vice.com/read/theres-a-bootleg-jurassic-park-themed-restaurant-in-los-angeles
> http://www.jurassicrestaurant.com/index_en.php
> http://www.yelp.com/biz/jurassic-restaurant-city-of-industry
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