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RE: Questions about T. rex and Nanotyrannus

Nope, no paper as such to support it.

There are some field localities where robust small teeth and blade like small 
teeth are found together. The  pro-Nano camp interprets these as teeth of two 
taxa; the anti-Nano camp as teeth of different tooth positions in different 
sized individuals.

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> Subject: Questions about T. rex and Nanotyrannus
> The other night I saw, for the first time, an episode of "Jurassic Fight 
> Club" (first aired in 2008, I think) where young Tyrannosaurus
> rexes duked it out with an adult Nanotyrannus lancensis somewhere in South 
> Dakota.
> Setting aside the thousand obvious things that could be said about this 
> series, I have a couple specific questions.
> I missed the first half of the show, so I missed where they apparently talked 
> about the fossil evidence for this encounter. They
> seemed to be saying that remains of two species were collected at the same 
> site.
> My question is, what were the physical differences supporting the conclusion 
> that one of the animals was a young T. rex (and the
> other N.
> lancensis)? Can someone point me to a paper or other source where this 
> possibility was discussed?
> -- Donna Braginetz