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RE: Serendipaceratops confirmed as Australian Early Cretaceous ceratopsian.

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> Williams
> Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 2:23 AM
> This study by Rich et al. also provides a brief re-description of 
> _Notoceratops bonarelli_ (based on the available figures, the original
> specimen being lost).  They find support for _Notoceratops_ being a 
> ceratopsian, consistent with Tapia (1919) and Huene (1929), but
> contra most later studies, such as (most recently) Coria & Cambiaso (2007).
> But no mention of whether or not _Notoceratops_ is a valid genus.

A problem I have with the _Notoceratops_ section is that they primarily compare 
it to derived Late Cretaceous hadrosaurids and ceratopsians, and not the wealth 
of other ornithischians. For instance, comparison with rhabdodontids and 
_Muttaburrasaurus_ would be useful.

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