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Transylvania dinosaur dig, AMNH photo archives, and other news (Kraken returns!)

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news items:

Transylvania dinosaur study expedition in Romania



Extracting dinosaur bones from matrix at Carnegie Museum



Steve Brusatte interview



American Museum puts photo archives online. I think this digital
archive was mentioned a few years back but more material is now
apparently available.

The collection of old dinosaur and paleo-related photos does not seem
that extensive at this point. but it's still fun to look at. Note that
the query "Brontosaurus" gets more results than Apatosaurus. The
general query "skeleton" brings up photos of specimens that don't show
up when queried by name such as "Pteranodon".




Dinosaur scientific puzzles (in German)



Choristodere fossils found in Early Cretaceous formation in Japan (in
Japanese) (Apparently a paper will appear in Historical Biology about
the find but it's not online yet.)



David DeMar from the University of Washington gives a talk "Lizards
and Amphibians at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary" at Hell Creek as
part of Royal Tyrrell Museum Lecture series:



And last (and maybe least), the Kraken returns! I'm tempted to invoke
the old movie title "Die, Monster, Die!"--with video