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Straight-toed sauropod tracks from Spain + other news

Ben Creisler

A number of recent news and blog items:

Straight-toed sauropod tracks from Spain unique in the world

Spanish sources have news stories about the discovery of dinosaur
tracks at Las Sereas in the Burgos Province region of Spain. Tracks
are  about 144 million years old and  include theropods and a
stegosaur. Of special importance are a  sequence of sauropod tracks 17
meters long that record a unique foot with four straight,
forward-pointing toes, said to be a foot structure otherwise not known
in sauropods--either from fossil bones or from tracks found elsewhere.
Sauropod toes are typically rotated outward to the side. (in Spanish)



video (shows large track with four straight toes about 13 seconds
in--I assume it's from the sauropod)



The local government in Chita in Siberia wants to use Kulindadromeus
as a cartoon mascot, depicted as a feathered dinosaur named Lindik, to
help attract tourism and introduce children to paleontology (in



Blog in Spanish about the name Kulindadromeus and the etiquette of nomenclature


Laquintasaura blog



MicroRNA not reliable as evolutionary tool--turtles NOT closely
related to lizards