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Tetrapod fauna of the Upper Permian of China (new chronosuchian Jiyuanitectum) (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper that may be of interest (in open access):

LIU Jun, XU Li, JIA Song-Hai, PU Han-Yong & LIU Xiao-Ling (2014)
The Jiyuan tetrapod fauna of the Upper Permian of China—2.
stratigraphy, taxonomical review, and correlation.
Vertebrata Palasiatica 52(3):  328-339

Reexamination of the specimens from the Jiyuan tetrapod fauna, shows
that this assemblage is dominated by the pareiasaur Honania
complicidentata and comprises three chroniosuchian species including
Bystrowiana sinica, Jiyuanitectum flatum gen. et sp. nov., and
Dromotectum largum sp. nov., one cynodont species and possibly one
gorgonopsian. It is roughly correlated to the Ilinskoe Subassemblage
of the Sokolki Assemblage of Russia and the Cistecephalus Assemblage
Zone of South Africa.