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UK Triassic "pterosaur" is drepanosauromorph

Ben Creisler

The papers about misidentified pterosaurs just keep coming....

A new online paper:

Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchiaa & Andrea Cau  (2014)
Re-examination of the purported pterosaur wing metacarpals from the
Upper Triassic of England.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Two small bones from the Upper Triassic of Cromhall Quarry
(Gloucestershire, England), which are referred in the literature to
pterosaurian wing metacarpals, are compared with wing metacarpals of
unequivocal pterosaur specimens from the Upper Triassic of Italy and
Greenland as well as those of the Liassic Dimorphodon macronyx from
England. The two are morphologically distinct from the unequivocal
wing metacarpals. Comparison with the phalanges of drepanosauromorphs
suggests that they are probably penultimate phalanges of those bizarre
diapsids. Drepanosauromorphs are now known from Cromhall Quarry, but
they were not in 1990 when the two presumed wing metacarpals were
described. There is no definitive evidence of the presence of
pterosaurs in the Triassic of the UK.