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Summer 2015 paid internships at Dinosaur National Monument

We will have three paid Geologist-In-Parks intern positions at Dinosaur for the summer of 2015. These are administered through the GeoCorps program of the Geological Society of America. The positions are now open for applications and will close on February 3, 2015.

The GeoCorps website, with a description of the program and details about applying, is at http://rock.geosociety.org/g_corps/index.htm

The three Dinosaur positions are described at https://rock.geosociety.org/eo/GeoCorpsJobDescriptions.asp

Two are listed under Geocorps America Positions - summer 2015:
Paleontologist/Quarry Mapping (2 positions) <https://rock.geosociety.org/eo/viewJob.asp?jobID=1604>

One position, under Mosaic Positions -- Summer 2015, is listed separately, further down the page. Dinosaur Quarry Mapping Assistant [Mosaics] <https://rock.geosociety.org/eo/viewJob.asp?jobID=1612>

Questions about the GeoCorps program should be addressed to Matthew Dawson, mdawson@geosociety.org <mailto:mdawson@geosociety.org>, or Allison Kerns, akerns@geosociety.org <mailto:akerns@geosociety.org>. Questions about the specific positions at Dinosaur should be addressed to me.