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Dinosaur coprolites and urolites from Brazil (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new online paper in open access:

P.R.F. Souto & M.A. Fernandes (2014)
Fossilized Excreta Associated to Dinosaurs in Brazil.
Journal of South American Earth Sciences (advance online publication)

This work provides an updated register of the main occurrences of
fossilized excreta (coprolites and urolites) associated with dinosaurs
found in the Brazil. The goal is to provide a relevant guide to the
interpretation of the environment in the context of Gondwana. In four
geographic areas, the excreta are recovered from Cretaceous
sedimentary deposits in outcrops of the Bauru and São Luis basins and
the Upper Jurassic aeolian deposits of the Parana Basin in the state
of São Paulo. The coprolites were analyzed by X-ray diffraction and
X-ray fluorescence methods. The results of these analyses reveal
compositions that differ from the surrounding matrix, indicating a
partial substitution of the organic material due to the feeding habits
of the producers. Additionally, we describe the urolite excavations in
epirelief and hyporelief, the result of gravitational flow the impact
from urine jets on sand. These are associated with ornithopod and
theropod dinosaur footprints preserved in the aeolian flagstones of
the Botucatu Formation, Parana Basin.