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Re: T. rex specimen bought by Naturalis museum in Leiden + Placerias + more news

Ben Creisler

A clarification on the cost of the Tyrannosaurus. The total cost of
the specimen excavated, then purchased by the Naturalis museum is
stated elsewhere as 5 million euros, 4.4 million of which was raised
by crowdfunding. I should have made this clearer in the summary. Here
are some additional links with more details:

Blog story in English with TED talk about the T. rex for Naturalis Museum:


News stories in Dutch:

With video, including an  add showing a T. rex wandering the streets,
going door to door for donations to pay for the fossil:


Fund-raising drive


On Sat, Dec 27, 2014 at 4:10 PM, Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ben Creisler
> bcreisler@gmail.com
> Some recent news and blog items:
> Naturalis Museum in Leiden, the Netherlands, buys Tyrannosaurus fossil
> with crowd-funding for 4.4 million euros; fossil was excavated on
> private land in Montana by researchers at the museum. The fossil will
> go on display temporarily in 2016 and then will be moved to a newly
> built part of the museum
> http://www.naturalis.nl/en/news/collection/t-rex-will-come-leiden/
> In Dutch, with video
> http://www.nu.nl/cultuur-overig/3958326/naturalis-heeft-skelet-tyrannosaurus-rex-binnen.html
> ===
> Bob Bakker on reconstructing and mounting big dicynodont Placerias in motion
> http://blog.hmns.org/2014/12/its-alive-dr-bakker-tells-us-how-to-make-skeletons-dance/
> ==
> Jon Tennant on redescribing Alligatorellus, the dwarf crocodiliform from 
> Bavaria
> http://blogs.egu.eu/network/palaeoblog/2014/12/27/1364/