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New Caenagnathasia (Oviraptorosauria) material from Uzbekistan

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Hans-Dieter Sues & Alexander Averianov (2015)
New material of Caenagnathasia martinsoni (Dinosauria: Theropoda:
Oviraptorosauria) from the Bissekty Formation (Upper Cretaceous:
Turonian) of Uzbekistan.
Cretaceous Research 54: 50–59

The oviraptorosaurian theropod Caenagnathasia martinsoni is the least
common dinosaur taxon in the Late Cretaceous (Turonian) vertebrate
assemblage from the Bissekty Formation of the Kyzylkum Desert,
Uzbekistan. The dentaries show numerous caenagnathid synapomorphies,
including a fused dentary symphysis bearing distinct vascular grooves
and associated foramina on its lingual surface, a lingual triturating
shelf on the dentary, and extensive pneumatization of the dentary.
Cervical and dorsal vertebrae attributed to C. martinsoni show a
structure typical for Caenagnathoidea, whereas a referred partial
femur is relatively plesiomorphic in having a large, finger-like
anterior (lesser) trochanter separated from the greater trochanter. A
referred synsacrum has only four vertebrae but may represent an
immature individual. Caenagnathasia martinsoni is closely related to
the clade comprising the North American Campanian-Maastrichtian