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Megaloolithid dinosaur eggs from India and Argentina.

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Mariela S. Fernández & Ashu Khosla (2014)
Parataxonomic review of the Upper Cretaceous dinosaur eggshells
belonging to the oofamily Megaloolithidae from India and Argentina.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

The eggshell oospecies from India and Argentina are compared and
reviewed in detail. These eggshells resemble each other in having a
nodular outer surface ornamentation and clearly arched growth lines of
the shell units. Microstructurally, the eggshell oospecies belonging
to the oofamily Megaloolithidae shows fan-like shell units, which are
sharply separated from each other throughout the thickness of the
eggshell and can be traced up to the surface of the eggshell.
Comparisons between four oospecies from India and Argentina reveal
three groupings, which show similarities between megaloolithids of
both countries: (1) Megaloolithus jabalpurensis, M. matleyi and M.
patagonicus; (2) M. cylindricus, M. rahioliensis and Tipo 1d; and (3)
M.megadermus and Tipo 1e. The other two types of eggshell oospecies
from India and Argentina show partially fused external nodes and shell
units. As a result, growth lines enter into the adjacent shell units
with a marked concavity. A new oogenus Fusioolithus have been erected
due to fusion between shell units and tubospherulitic morphotype,
which include two new oospecies F. baghensis and F. berthei. Till
date, morphostructurally, a total of 15 eggshell oospecies belonging
to different oofamilies have been recorded from India and seven
oospecies from Argentina.