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Therizinosaur claw fragment found at Kuzbass in Siberia (news)

From: Ben Creisler

I have not been able to find an English language version of this news
story as yet. Nearly all are in Russian and one in Italian. Sites near
the village Shestakovo in the  Kuzbass area, Kemerovo, Western
Siberia, have been the source of important Early Cretaceous dinosaur
finds (with a so-called Cemetery of the Dinosaurs), including
Psittacosaurus, a titanosaur, and theropods.

The claw fragment was found in 2010 but apparently not correctly
identified until now. It belongs to a medium size therizinosaur. This
is apparently the first evidence of therizinosaurs in the region.

In Russian

with photos




In Italian


This paper from 2002 discusses some of the earlier finds in the area: