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JP4: Dinosaur World (or wutever it will be officially called) - new dino

I was re-reading the thread on various speculations of what the new 
"leave-the-lights-on" dinosaur will be, so I was leafing thru my various 
dino-books trying to come up with a suggestion. The problem I run into is that 
"never filmed before" could be technically true for many species, but the 
'types' have all been shown already, either in the JP series or various 
documentaries, that would fulfill the so-called scary beast description.  And 
if the 'leaked' plot is accurate, then using the deinochyrus/velociraptors as 
some sort of paleo-bloodhound wouldn't work on a (non-dinosaur) monstrous 
pliosaur or the various flying reptiles.  Besides, who's really scared of 
dinosaurs, as in have bad dreams about them?  Even at 4 yrs old I thought they 
were awesome, exciting, but not "scary" like I did about, say, the Wolfman. If 
they really want to scare us, it will be Barney.