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Arthur Lakes' dinosaur paintings

> Does anybody knows where can I find pictures of Arthur Lakes' dinosaur 
> paintings deposited at Arthur Lakes Library of the Colorado School of Mines? 
> Thanks in advance!
> Best regards,
> Ruben Guzman.

Haven't found a comprehensive database or webpage of all of Arthur Lakes' 
artwork. In addition to his stand-alone art, he included sketches in his field 
journals and his published articles were sometimes accompanied by his own 
illustrations. Both the Yale Peabody Museum and the Arthur Lakes Library have 
some of his original artwork.

The following items combined create a pretty comprehensive biography of Arthur 
Lakes, which may be of some use:

"Arthur Lakes: The saurian professor." by Jones.
"Arthur Lakes' rambles around the Ridge." by Simmons et al.
"Discovering dinosaurs in the Old West: The field journals of Arthur Lakes." by 
Kohl and McIntosh.
"The legacy of Arthur Lakes." by Honda and Simmons. 

There's also a video, "Arthur Lakes discovering dinosaurs," from the Friends of 
Dinosaur Ridge.

John Schneiderman