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Re: Kulindapteryx and Daurosaurus, new hypsilophodont ornithopods from Upper Jurassic of Siberia, Russia

Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe something more like?
> Integument divided into dermal scales and "bristles" is found to be
> present in hypsilophodonts.
> Instead of :
> The existence of dermal scales divided into "bristles" is established
> for hypsilophodonts

My Russian isn't great, but I'd say your first interpretation is
correct. There is no "and" between "kozhnykh cheshui" ("of dermal
scales") and "razdelennykh na shchetinki" ("divided into bristles").
Perhaps I'm wrong, though, since your second translation seems to
correspond more closely to the Godefroit et al. abstract from last
year's SVP meeting.

David Černý