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Re: Kulindapteryx and Daurosaurus, new hypsilophodont ornithopods from Upper Jurassic of Siberia, Russia

Ben Creisler

In case Pascaline Lauters' message could not be read by some people...

I take the liberty to copy here a message Pascal Godefroit posted on
Facebook yesterday night:

"Please forget about those names. These are based on specimens that
Alifanov stole in Chita and that are illegally housed in PIN in Moscow
but belonging in fact to the Institute of Natural Resources Ecology
and Cryology (Chita). Moreover there is a single taxon. And it is not
a hypsilophont but a basal ornithischian. This paper is a true
paleontological scandal! The official paper implying the original
discoverers of the specimens... and based on the legal INREC material
in Chita will be published in July in one of the highest-ranked
scientific journals!"


It's unfortunate to see another apparent case of taxonomic
"claim-jumping"...The ICZN is currently considering a possible change
to its practice of neutrality.

See this link for Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 70(4): 216-217.


"The question has been put before us, however, as to whether the
desires of the community can compel a re-evaluation of the policy of
neutrality; specifically, whether taxonomic freedom requires us to
remain blind to ethical considerations, including a failure to adhere
to proper standards of scientific conduct. Therefore, we seek guidance
from the taxonomic community as to whether there is a perceived need
for change, and we wish to solicit comments in order to ascertain a
clearer picture of public opinion. We are, ultimately, at the service
of the community, and if there is a consensus indicating that the
community feels neutrality does not serve their needs, then we wish to
be clear about it."

If the specimens were stolen or removed in an unauthorized fashion,
there may be an issue here. Taxonomists are currently trying to
boycott the names published by the Australian self-styled and
self-published herpetologist Raymond Hoser, the main subject of the
ICZN discussion.


However, the Paleontological Journal is an official and (I presume)
peer-reviewed publication that is harder to ignore. The authors (V. R.
Alifanov and  S.V. Saveliev) are established researchers who have
authored other publications.

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