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Re: feather asymmetry

**I want to tell you all how very much I have been enjoying and appreciating this discussion on feather asymmetry. It is great to see the connective body of evidence between the various animal groups continue to expand. This discussion -- and the research that goes with it (as well as the research that has been intimated) -- is doing a great job of finding the pieces of the puzzle and of gluing those pieces together.

*I have been a member of this list for close to a decade and a half. Can't remember when I joined. It has probably been almost 10 years since I've posted.

Professionally I am more into the extants than the extincts. But, as a 70 year old kid, I still love dinosaurs! I have always been fascinated by the dino-avian connection. I think I've converted a few students over the years to a similar appreciation.

Roberta M. Meehan (heading back to lurkdom in hot and sunny Phoenix)

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