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Boreopterus giganticus, new species of pterosaur from Cretaceous of China

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Shun-Xing Jiang, Xiao-Lin Wang, Xi Meng, and Xin Cheng (2014)
A new boreopterid pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of western
Liaoning, China, with a reassessment of the phylogenetic relationships
of the Boreopteridae.
Journal of Paleontology  88(4): 823-828
doi: 10.1666/13-068

A new species of boreopterid pterosaur from the new fossil locality,
Heichengzi, Beipiao, western Liaoning, China allows a reassessment of
the Boreopteridae. In this new analysis, three species, Boreopterus
cuiae, Boreopterus giganticus n. sp., and Zhenyuanopterus
longirostris, are included within the Boreopteridae united by the
autopomorphic occurrence of two main tooth morphologies, an equal
length of the tibia and femur, and weak feet. Other taxa previously
placed within the Boreopteridae are not in a monophyletic group with
the former three species. Boreopterus has fewer teeth and a shorter
tooth row than that in Zhenyuanopterus. This new Boreopterus species
has a large size, a piriform orbit, an extensively fenestrated
lacrimal, and a posteriorly directed lacrimal process, that differs
from Boreopterus cuiae.