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Dinosaur fossils returned to Mongolia + dino skull found in Siberia + tracks found in China

Ben Creisler

Some recent news stories:

Story with photos about return of confiscated dinosaur fossils to
Mongolia, following the recent signing of a legal agreement


Large dinosaur skull found at the Siberian psittacosaur dig site (in Russian)

Russian news sources are carrying stories about the discovery of a
large dinosaur skull at the same site in Kemerovo where two nearly
complete skeletons of Psittacosaurus were found in back in June, as
well as juveniles more recently. The identity of the new dinosaur and
whether more of the skeleton is still in the ground remain to be
determined. (in Russian)




An English language news story with photos about the recent discovery
of the juveniles at the same Siberian site:


A bit of historical background about two earlier Psittacosaurus
skeletons (dubbed Romeo and Juliet) excavated in the same area in 2005
(in English)



New dinosaur tracks found in Sichuan Province, China, in Chinese with photos:

Martin Lockley and team of Chinese and Korean researchers find new
dinosaur tracks in Zhaojue County in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan

The smallest tracks from an ornithopod are only 2 cm long.



Trackway from theropod (Early Cretaceous) found in Guilin County,
Luzhou Pretecture, in Sichuan also examined by Martin Lockley; said to
extend 69 meters with 80 prints,


In another discovery, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum is examining Late
Cretaceous iguanodont tracks found by villagers in Sichuan