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Heterodontosaurus (basal ornithischian) postcranial anatomy (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A recent paper in open access not yet mentioned:

Peter M. Galton (2014)
Notes on the postcranial anatomy of the heterodontosaurid dinosaur
Heterodontosaurus tucki, a basal ornithischian from the Lower Jurassic
of South Africa.
Revue de Paléobiologie 33 (1): 97-141
ISSN 0253-6730

A description is provided of the best-represented adult postcranial
skeleton of the Heterodontosauridae Kuhn, 1966 (rather than Romer,
1966), that of Heterodontosaurus tucki Crompton & Charig, 1962 (Lower
Jurassic, South Africa), SAM-PK-K1332 (total body length ~1.2 mm, body
mass ~3 kg). With regard to other heterodontosaurids and previous
studies of this specimen, a discussion is provided concerning the
characters of the vertebrae (cervical epipophyses, low dorsal count,
composition of sacrum), orientation of posterodistal femoral condyles,
dinosaurian plesiomorphic characters (forelimb, especially manus
including orientation of digit I during hyperextension), homeoplastic
characters paralleling theropods and birds (avian-like iliac
antitrochanter, fibular crest on tibia, complex morphology of
tibiofibulotarsus, tarsometatarsus), and autapomorphies for H. tucki
and Fruitadens haagarorum (Upper Jurassic, USA).