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Titanosaur eggshells from Spain

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Ana M. Bravo & Rodrigo Gaete (2014)
Titanosaur eggshells from the Tremp Formation (Upper Cretaceous,
Southern Pyrenees, Spain).
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Hundreds of megaloolithid eggshells have been found at the Costa de la
Coma site (Tremp Fm, South-Central Pyrenees, Spain), the
microstructural features (spherulitic eggshell units, thickness,
ornamentation and pore system) of which agree with the Megaloolithus
oogenus diagnosis. Comparisons with other megaloolithids from the
Tremp Basin, southern France and South America, however, showed that
these eggshells share many features with the South American oospecies
Megaloolithus patagonicus. A cladistic analysis of the qualitative
eggshell features of the main dinosaur taxa was performed. The results
grouped the Costa de la Coma eggshells with Megaloolithus patagonicus,
forming a clade separated from other megaloolithids, and revealed a
polytomy of megaloolithids (associated with sauropods) and
spheroolithids (associated with hadrosaurs). The finding of
Megaloolithus cf. patagonicus in the Tremp Fm agrees with skeletal
evidence provided by four indeterminate titanosaur forms from the
Formation's late Cretaceous deposits. Other Megaloolithus oospecies of
the Tremp Fm may belong to hadrosaurs, the skeletal remains of which
are also abundant in the Tremp Basin.