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Otozoum (E. Jurassic dinosaur(?) ichnogenus) from Namibia

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Simone D'Orazi Porchetti, Helke B. Mocke, Marianna Latiano and
Alexander Wagensommer (2014)
First record of Otozoum from Namibia.
Lethaia (advance online publication)
DOI: 10.1111/let.12088

The first incontrovertible Otozoum moodii of Gondwana is described
from the Etjo Formation (Waterberg Plateau, Namibia). Distinct Otozoum
trackways and isolated footprints are reported from the Omuramba
Omambonde tracksite, in the Otjozondjupa Region (North–central
Namibia). Previously known only from North America, Europe and
possibly Lesotho, the occurrence of Otozoum is a definitive time
constraint for an Early Jurassic age of the Etjo Formation. The
presence of Otozoum in the hyperarid facies and specifically in
interdune setting of the Etjo Formation is in accordance with previous
claims of environmental selectivity for this ichnomorph.