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How Jurassic Park changed cinema and other news

Ben Creisler

A number of news items:

Video about how Jurassic Park CGI dinosaurs changed the history of cinema:


Moab, Utah, dinosaur trails (with video)



Animals that moved from terrestrial to aquatic or reverse after K-Pg extinction


The original paper:

Serban Proches, Gianluca Polgar and David J. Marshall (2014)
K-Pg events facilitated lineage transitions between terrestrial and
aquatic ecosystems.
Biology Letters 10 no. 6 20140010
doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2014.0010

We use dated phylogenetic trees for tetrapod vertebrates to identify
lineages that shifted between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in
terms of feeding or development, and to assess the timing of such
events. Both stem and crown lineage ages indicate a peak in transition
events in correspondence with the K-Pg mass extinction. This meets the
prediction that changes in competitive pressure and resource
availability following mass extinction events should facilitate such