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Stenocybus (Therapsida: Dinocephalia) from Permian of China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new non-dino paper that may be of interest (pdf is free):

JIANG Shan  & JI Shu-an (2014)
New specimens of Stenocybus acidentatus (Therapsida: Dinocephalia)
from the Middle Permian Dashankou Fauna of China.
Acta Geologica Sinica 88(3):730-737

The basal dinocephalian clade Stenocybusidae was known from two
incomplete specimens representing one genus, Stenocybus, from
Dashankou fanua in Yumen, Gansu Province of China. The holotype of
Stenocybus acidentatus is laterally compressed, making some characters
unclear. Here we describe two new specimens of Stenocybus acidentatus
from the same locality, an anterior portion of skull with articulated
jaws, and a right dentary with nearly complete dentition. They show
some detailed features on the morphology of the premaxilla, maxilla,
nasal, external nares and dentary. The phylogenetic relationship
between Stenocybus acidentatus and the relatively large Sinophoneus
yumenensis is still difficult to determine, and needs more new
complete material and further evidences.