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Brief Fossil Usage Questionnaire

Hello all,

An erstwhile colleague of mine has asked that I pass along this quick,
straightforward questionnaire about your views on how fossils are used
(for public science versus private collections, and so on). Obviously
that subject in and of itself won't be discussed here, but the info
will be used to promote awareness of the issue. See the link for more


My friend would like to add:

"I am a PhD student in anthropology, and I'm conducting surveys within
the paleo community and natural history museum-going public over the
course of 2014. The surveys are related to the commercial fossil
market. The direct goal of the surveys is to ascertain what the public
knows and thinks about this topic. Please fill out the survey by
following the link below and do not reveal your comments on this email
chain, as per the DML's rules regarding commercial topics. Your
participation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions,
please contact principal researcher Janessa Doucette at

Note that she is very much interested in professional, as well as
public, perspectives on this topic. Please don't hesitate to contact
her at the address above if you're curious to know more about her
stance, motivations, affiliations, etc.

On her behalf, thanks for your time!