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From: Danilo Ricci <daniloriccigeo@gmail.com>

> Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is any article that talks about
> predation by a Baryonyx against a iguanodon in England and
> Carcharodontosaurus against Ouranosaurus. thanks to all

Charig and Milner (1997) mention stomach contents (found insider the
rib cage) of the _Baryonyx walkeri_ type skeleton, which includes some
bones of a young iguanodont - presumably _Mantellisaurus
atherfieldensis_ (formerly _Iguanodon atherfieldensis_), which is
known from the same locality.

As for _Carcharodontosaurus_ against _Ouranosaurus_.... the known
species of _Carcharodontosaurus_ (_C. saharicus_ and _C. iguidensis_)
lived later than _Ouranosaurus nigeriensis_, and there is no evidence
that the two genera coexisted.  However, there is a close relative of
_Carcharodontosaurus_ (the carcharodontosaurid _Eocarcharia dinops_)
that lived at the same time and place as _O. nigeriensis_, but no
direct evidence of predation by the former on the latter.


Charig AJ and Milner AC (1997) Baryonyx walkeri, a fish-eating
dinosaur from the Wealden of Surrey.  Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. Lond. 53: