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Fwd: 7th Annual SeAVP Meeting - Jackson, Mississippi - 9-11 October 2014

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From: George Phillips <George.Phillips@mmns.state.ms.us>
Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 6:20 PM
Subject: 7th Annual SeAVP Meeting - Jackson, Mississippi - 9-11 October 2014

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for the very belated e-mail about your SeAVP annual meeting.

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is proud to host the 7th
Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Association of Vertebrate
Paleontology, which will be held here at MMNS in LeFleur’s Bluff State
Park, Jackson, Mississippi, October 9-11, 2014.

Deadline for abstract submission is Friday, September 5th! Abstracts
should be no more than 300 words and follow the style and formatting
in the 2011 SeAVP Abstracts and Program. Once compiled, the A&P will
be e-mailed to registrants. To keep meeting costs at a minimum (and
with the recent adoption of our parent agency’s paperless effort), the
Museum will not provide a hard copy of the A&P, so please print it out
before you arrive if you prefer to have a paper copy in hand.

The working schedule follows below. All fees except for the Thursday
night reception can be paid upon arrival or at the at the time of the
activity. We encourage you to reserve your place at the reception by
Friday, August 15th as we need to provide the caterer with a minimum
head count, which must meet or exceed 20 people to book these

Thursday – October 9th, 2014 – Cost is $50 for reception attendees
(includes museum admission). For those not attending the evening
reception, the cost is $6 (museum daily adm price) payable upon
entering facility (or via preregistration).

·         1-5:PM                 Arrival, registration/orientation,
and self-guided tours of the exhibits (museum volunteers will be on
hand to receive and register meeting attendees)

·         3:40-4:35              Tour of natural history collections

·         5:PM                     Museum closes

·         6-8:PM                 Reception dinner & plenary (see below)

Friday – October 10th, 2014 – Cost is $12.00 for the day—the $6 adm
fee is paid at the front desk and $6 for breakfast appetizers
(pastries & fruit) and coffee will be paid to a meeting assistant near
the entrance to the Rottwein Theater (meeting room, to the left of the
main entrance).

·         8:AM-8:20           Registration/orientation,
coffee/pastries/fruit, etc. (Note: This facility does not open until

·         8:20-8:40              Welcome & opening remarks

·         8:40-11:40           Morning oral session – 20 min talks
(incl 5 min Q&A), total of 8 talks (with 20 min break)

·         12:30                     Posters go up

·         1:PM-4:00           Afternoon oral session – 20 min talks
(incl 5 min Q&A), total of 8 talks (with 20 min break)

·         4:PM-4:45           Poster Session

·         5:PM                     Museum closes!

·         Note: Additional rooms of varying sizes are available for
simultaneous sessions if there are more than 16 oral presentations
confirmed before the Sept 15 deadline.

·         Places to dine in Jackson, Mississippi.

·         The Best of Jackson’s “Watering Holes.”

·         As this is SeAVP’s Lucky #7 annual meeting, feel free to
spend any money you saved with our low meeting costs at Vicksburg’s
casinos, which are less than an hour away.

Saturday – 9:AM October 11th, 2014 – Field Trips (three choices).
Permissions for access to the self-guided field trips (3 & 4) are not
required; the landowners in each case allow unlimited access (within
reason) for prospecting or study. Field Trip option #s 1, 2, and 4 are
FREE. For those interested in doing field trip #1 and were unable to
attend the Thursday collections tour, we’ll offer a second tour of the
collections at 8:AM Saturday.

1.       Lower Oligocene marine section at the Smith County Lime Pit
(Bay Springs, Miss.) – Guided tour. We will have two museum vans
available to conduct people to the site, which is a gated quarry. For
those headed east after the meeting (the locality is 70 mins east of
Jackson), feel free to follow us in your own vehicle. The expedition
will depart the museum at 9:15. Please enter at the employee entrance
(32/19.426, -90/9.496).

2.       (An as yet to be determined Alabama location, most probably
marine Upper Cretaceous) – Guided tour. Details to come!

3.       Upper Cretaceous Coon Creek beds (earliest Maastrichtian) at
Blue Springs, Miss. – An unguided tour (ask for directions) to a very
accessible roadside borrow pit—an unprecedented exposure of the Coon
Creek marine sandy clays near New Albany, Mississippi. No special
equipment required, although the outcrop is sufficiently muddy after a

4.       Upper Cretaceous Coffee Sand (Middle Campanian) at Twenty
Mile Creek – An unguided tour (ask for directions) to a creek bed near
Baldwyn, Miss., that contains an exposure of marine sand rich with
shark teeth and other marine vertebrates. Prepare to get your feet wet
and bring a sieve.

Entire cost per person for the whole event is $62.00 (professional or
student; Thurs = $50, Fri = $12). If you choose not to attend the
reception, then the cost would be $18.00 for all other activities
(Thurs = $6, Fri = $12).

Lodging & Map

Cabot Lodge @ Millsaps College – Located on State St (the main N-S
artery through the city of Jackson) this hotel is only 0.9 mi from the
Museum of Natural Science. $109/single and $114/double, plus tax.

Map of Jackson (with additional lodging) – If Cabot Lodge is too
pricey, there are a variety of other hotels along I-20, I-55, and Hwy
25 (Lakeland Drive). As you zoom in on this map, note that the Museum
is located at the west entrance to LeFleur’s Bluff State Park on
Museum Blvd (formerly Highland Dr).

Thursday Night Reception

To the reception cost we are adding expenses for a keg of beer and
several bottles of wine. IMPORTANT! Re the Thursday PM reception, the
museum is located within a gated park controlled by a separate
division of MDWFP. To keep facility-use costs down, reception
attendees need to enter through the secure employee entrance (see
attached map: 32/19.426, -90/9.496). As this entrance is gated and
key-card access only, we will have it manned with volunteers who will
open the gate for reception attendees, directing them where to park
and enter the building. If you are not attending the reception, please
use the main entrance and exit the facility by 5:PM.

Reception MENU

Southwestern cheese cakes with tostadas

Beef tenderloin with blue cheese biscuits

Shrimp cocktail on kabobs

Chicken Alfredo

Monterey Jack and corn salsa

Open face Roma tomatoes sandwiches

Mini tacos

Chocolate bread pudding with Carmel and chocolate sauce

Lemonade and tea

Preregistration. You will be need only pre-register for the Thursday
reception ($50, incl museum admission), but you can remit the cost for
the entire event ($68) if you wish. Make your personal check out to
yours truly (George Phillips, and please write SeAVP in Memo) and send
to the address below. And remember the August 15th deadline to reserve
your place at the Thursday night Reception!

Bring your reprints, separates, and other publications!

As SeAVP had no budget for this year’s meeting (for which we’ve made
accommodations), I thought we’d raise money for the next meeting (or
other SeAVP expenses) by providing tables where reprints, separates,
individual journal issues, and other lighter paleontological fare can
be offered for resale to interested parties at the meeting. I was
thinking in terms of 25c, 50c, and$1.00 categories for such items.
Also, if anyone has any more substantial paleo literature—such as
recent, pricier titles or antique books or partial journal sets—that
they’d like to contribute, we can offer such ‘weightier’ items up for
bid in a silent auction. I plan on contributing painted casts of a few
MMNS specimens (individual bones and teeth) to the silent auction;
feel free to do similarly.

Previous Meetings

SeAVP 2013 (#6)

SeAVP 2012 (#5) – Appalachian State University – Boone, North Carolina

SeAVP 2011 (#4) – Florida Museum of Natural History – Gainesville, Florida

SeAVP 2010 (#3) – South Carolina State Museum – Columbia, South Carolina

SeAVP 2009 (#2) – Virginia Museum of Natural History – Martinsville, Virginia

SeAVP 2008 (#1) – ETSU Natural History Museum & Gray Fossil Site –
Johnson City, Tennessee

I think that about covers it for now. Feel free to e-mail me any
questions or concerns you might have about the meeting, our location,
accommodations, pricing, etc.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s meeting—and spread the word!

George Phillips

Paleontology Curator

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

A Division of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

2148 Riverside Drive

Jackson, Mississippi 39202-1353

w. (601) 576-6063

m. (601) 672-9606


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