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Paul Sereno previews digging raptor and other news

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news items:

Last night (3-7-2014) Paul Sereno gave a talk in Seattle that included
images of a reconstructed skeleton (along with animation) for a
"digging raptor" from the Sahara that is yet to be officially named or
described. He characterized the theropod as a cross between a rhea and
a wolverine--with very long hind legs but short robust forelimbs,
braced with a powerful sternum and shoulder area. The animation showed
it digging into a small mammal burrow with its long back legs crouched
flat. This combination looks similar to the one  found in
alvarezsaurids--a lightly built running body with long legs, and very
short forelimbs.  However, the digging raptor has three large flat
digits on its hand rather than a single massive claw. Apparently this
dinosaur had been briefly mentioned before as far back as 2012. He
implied that it will be out soon. I'm not aware of any online material
or links.

Senero hinted that much new Spinosaurus material is about to be
announced as well. It will change some details of how Spinosaurus has
been reconstructed and will make it the biggest known theropod.


Wankel T. rex gets new departure date for Smithsonian



"Leonardo" Brachylophosaurus mummy on display at The Children's Museum
of Indianapolis.
Part of the tail went on display last November, but now the rest of
the skeleton is up




Review of book "Dinos Without Bones"

Gallery of Alberta dinosaurs


Dinosaur track site in Italy in Italian National Geographic (in Italian)