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RE: 12th "Archaeopteryx" questioned

let me clarify that:
Frey is NOT questioning the identification! The text does NOT say that "He says 
it would not be clear a priori that the fossil in fact would be that of a 
bird", but "He says it was not be clear a priori that the fossil in fact was 
that of a bird". 
In sum, the text means that Dino Frey AGREES that the specimen is an 
Archaeopteryx, but that at first glance he wasn't sure because of the bad 

Furthermore, "fix it up" is a bad term here, as it can be understood to mean 
embellishment. The original text translates to "it is pretty ruined, although 
the finder has done, lege artis, everything right when he recovered the 

Additionally, in a previous report it was suggested that the landowner CLAIMS 
he has rights to be paid for the specimen. That is also incorrect; the original 
text said that his rights in fact exist, not that he simply claims so.


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Subject: 12th "Archaeopteryx" questioned

From: Ben Creisler

A follow-up to a thread a few weeks back about the reported discovery
of a 12th specimen of Archaeopteryx in Schamhaupten in Germany:



This news story in German quotes paleontologist Eberhard Frey from the
Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe about the find.


Frey hat das zweite Gutachten zu dem Fossil erstellt. Er sagt, es sei
nicht a priori klar gewesen, dass das Fossil tatsächlich einer der
Vögel gewesen sei
Regeln der Kunst beim Bergen alles richtig gemacht hat. Es ist in
einem schlimmen Zustand und man muss es erst präparieren." Es sei ein
"verhältnismäßig kleines Tier". Eines der kleinsten, das bisher
bekannt ist. "Die Knochen sind weiß meliert erhalten. Es ist von einer
Kluft durchzogen", sagt Frey.

This is my own quick and very rough translation (German speakers feel
free to improve it!):

Frey has delivered the second opinion on the fossil. He says it would
not be clear a priori that the fossil in fact would be that of a bird.
"It is pretty far gone, although the finder has tried every trick in
the  book to fix it up in a salvage effort. It is in poor condition
and first needs to be prepared."  It is a "relatively small animal."
One of the smallest known up to this point. "The bones have a mottled
white appearance. It is split through by a cleft."