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RE: ?!? A New and Separate Palaeontological Community

A few  brief comments:

1) This is largely a dinosaur-fan site, not one populated primarily by 
professional paleontologists (and far less so than 10-15
years ago). So you are addressing the wrong community.

2) Paleontology is not its own thing. You have to address the issue of science 
as a whole. Research paleontology is NOT isolated
from other disciplines, but part of several integrated fields (whether 
contributing to primarily biological questions of
development, ecology, evolution & systematics, or to geological questions of 
stratigraphy, paleoenvironment, paleoecology, etc.)
>From your description, you seem to imply paleontology is about going out, 
>digging up bones, and describing them. That is just the
very first phase (although obviously a critical one).

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