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Spanish iguanodont paper PDF available

I had been expecting that the symposium volume stemming form the meeting in 
Burgos Spain in 2010 would be posted online but that has not happened. So I 
have posted my paper in the CV section at www.gspauldino.com. 

Notes on the rising diversity of iguanodont taxa, and iguanodonts named 
after Darwin, Huxley and evolutionary science. 

The paper makes the following points -- 

The type of Dollodon has never been properly examined described, and until 
it is by an objective researcher the phylogenetic and taxonomic study of 
iguanodonts is severely hindered. The type of Mantellisaurus also badly needs 

There has been a tendency by some to continue to simplistically assign 
multiple specimens to a single taxon without conclusively demonstrating they 
the same species, or are from even reasonably contemporary level and time 
within and between formations, when it is now understood that dinosaurs often 
undergoe considerable and species and generic evolution within formations. 
Hopefully applying names to these specimens will force better documentation 
of the provence of these and other types. 

I took the opportunity to name some dinosaur specimens from England after 
Darwin and Huxley.