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Reduced fee deadline for the ‘Reconstruc

Dear all list members,
This message is to remind you that the reduced fee deadline for the 
‘Reconstructing the terrestrial end-Cretaceous Paleoenvironments in Europe’ 
meeting (Tremp, Spain, September 2014), is the 31st May. 
The organising committee also enjoys the occasion to inform you on the titles 
of invited talks:
1) Dr. Stephen Brusatte, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh “New 
Insights into the Extinction of the Dinosaurs”
2) Dr. Isabelle Cojan, Mines ParisTech - Géosciences “Continental 
Paleoenvironments in Southern France during the late Cretaeous”
3) Dr. J. Smit, University Amsterdam “The KPg Terrestrial and Marine record: 
the relative contribution of the Chicxulub impact vs the Deccan trap eruptions 
to the KPg mass-extinctions”
4) Dr. José Ignacio Canudo, Aragosaurus, Universidad de Zaragoza “The Southern 
Pyrenean geological and Palaeontological record: State of the art.
Finally, find the new abstracts template (400 words) at the congress website 
Bes regards,
The organising committee of Tremp 2014