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Mutliple resendings Re: Dinosaur forearm construction and posture (resend)

On 5/28/2014 10:40 PM, Ben Creisler wrote:
From: Ben Creisler

I am really stumped as to why this posting as not gone through to the
DML today. This is the 6th time I have tried to send it, changing the
subject line and other small details. My other postings have worked
fine. I don't know if some embedded feature or combination of
characters or words is blocking the content as email.

I don't know about other subscribers, but a lot of times I get your
original post plus the resend. In this case tho, I luckily did not get the first 5 sendings.

Sometimes your postings end up in the junk email folder (put there by
the default rules for outlook).

Your headers start with gmail and then go to usc.edu. Is gmail eating these?