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Re: A trivial question

1. One less for 'mongoliensis'- Protiguanodon was named P. mongoliense 
originally (not P. 'mongoliensis')

2. Psittacosaurus neimongoliensis obviously includes 'mongoliensis' in its 
species name.

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According to a very quick and dirty check, the most common dinosaur
species name is "mongoliensis":

Adasaurus mongoliensis Barsbold, 1983

Asiatosaurus mongoliensis Osborn, 1924

Enigmosaurus mongoliensis Barsbold & Perle, 1893

Gilmoreosaurus mongoliensis (Gilmore, 1933) [Mandschurosaurus
mongoliensis Gilmore, 1933]

Graciliceratops mongoliensis Sereno, 2000

Nemegtosaurus mongoliensis Nowinski, 1971

Oviraptor mongoliensis Barsbold, 1986

Prodeinodon mongoliensis Osborn, 1924

Protiguanodon mongoliensis Osborn, 1923

Psittacosaurus mongoliensis Osborn, 1923

Saurornithoides mongoliensis Osborn, 1924

Velociraptor mongoliensis Osborn, 1924


+ (if considered an honorary theropod)

Brodavis mongoliensis   Martin, Kurochkin & Tokaryk. 2012