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a couple of projects

Hi Folks,

We have started a project, DinosaurChannel.TV. It is a web-based station dedicated to short format video about dinosaurs.
The start of the station is already up, you can check it out.

To expand it, we have started a Kickstarter campaign you can see here:


We are hoping the paleo community will become backers, and in return - when we air "Breaking News" on our show "Dinosaurs In The News" with Skype feeds from various paleo expeditions we will have an on- screen access button which will allow our viewers the opportunity to send a dollar to support the field research. Crowdfunding paleo research seems like a positive way to bring more people into a participatory role in scientific discovery and that is the mission of these projects.

Please have a look and back us if you can, spread the word and send us your feedback,

Thanks.  Bob and Tess