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More on Triassic finds in Argentina + Japanese hadrosaur + Spinosaurus NOVA + more

Ben Creisler

The big news this week, of course, is the SVP meeting in Berlin--also,
expect some new taxa to be announced and published (at least three
hadrosaurs, for one) before the end of the week!

Here a number of recent news and blog items:


Triassic fossils from Argentina--an English-language version of the
news I posted earlier about a major discovery of Triassic fossils in
San Juan Province, Argentina


in Spanish


I've posted a number of news items in Japanese about the on-going
discoveries of this hadrosaur specimen. Here's an item in English.

Japanese hadrosaur from Hokkaido, interview with Yoshitsugu Kobayashi


A useful summary of info about Deinocheirus by Yoshitsugu Kobayashi (in English)



Iteravis press release


Spinosaurus program

Reminder that the NOVA-National Geographic television special about
Spinosaurus is later this week (Nov. 5) on PBS


Sauropod excavation at General Roca (Río Negro, Argentina) (in Spanish)


Theropod teeth from Portugal (in Portuguese)



An older item that may apply to the recent paper "How the pterosaur
got its wings"....
Video about aerodynamics by John Maynard Smith...why pterosaurs (like
early birds) likely had a functional aerodynamic tail to stabilize
flight before full winged flight developed.