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RE: Stegosaurus fossil mounted for display at Natural History Museum in London

"The stegosaurus, which is due to take pride of place inside the Museum’s 
Exhibition Road entrance from 4 December 2014, will be the only one on public 
display outside of the US."

*sigh* shoddy reporting, now by the BBC. So there is no stegosaur in the 
Sauriermuseum Aathal? Senckenberg? and so on......

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We sure seem to have come a long way in our reconstruction of stegosaurs. I 
grew up going to the Peabody Museum about 15 miles from my house and the stego 
mount there suffered from  overly-long-femur "disease" and looked like it was 
about to start a 100 m. dash. They mounted it with what they had, much as the 
Triceratops at the NMNH had duckbill feet and mis-matched-humerus "disease".

As a result, as a youngster, the stego never seemed to be as much a real animal 
as many of the other dinos in that same hall, or the great mounts at the AMNH 
where I had less of a reaction, but still was unhappy with the classic mount. 
The NMNH stego mount was also better in some ways, but still never really 
seemed as much a real animal to me compared with the allosaur, ceratopsians, 
and sauropods there.

I have always thought the first stegosaur mount that looked like a real animal 
to my eyes was Ken's (Carpenter) elegant reconstruction in Denver - and it is 
still my favorite stego mount. I would be interested to know what other great 
and realistic stego mounts are out there and when they went up relative to 
Ken's mo
would think it would be great to see a study just on the evolution of the 
stegosaur mount (probably exists now that I think about it, so a pointer to it 
would be appreciated).

I did a lot of looking at mounts when we worked on the new Triceratops mount at 
NMNH in the late 1990's. It was interesting to see the first mount - at NMNH - 
was far superior to most anything that followed for a long time.

Anyway, would appreciate hearing thoughts on this from the esteemed group.

Ralph E. Chapman
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>Ben Creisler
>Real fossil skeleton of Stegosaurus stenops mounted for the Natural
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