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Re: Stegosaurus fossil mounted for display at Natural History Museum in London

Ben Creisler

A point worth clarifying here is that the new Stegosaurus stenops
mount is nearly all actual fossil bones. Other Stegosaurus mounts in
Europe are mostly casts:

Leiden Naturalis Museum Stegosaurus is a cast:



The Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt is a cast of the AMNH specimen:


The "Sarah" specimen mounted at the Sauriermuseum Aathal is a cast,
but the other stegosaurs on display there are real fossil bones.

There are differences in neck length in the new NHM specimen and the
Sauriermuseum specimens compared to older mounts, as well as the
position of the ribs and shape of the rib cage and curvature of the
back. Some reconstructions had a strongly curved back and a somewhat
fan-shaped rib cage with the lower ends of the ribs converging. This
is similar to Greg Paul's reconstructions:


and the "Stegosaurus in the ground" displays such as at the Houston Museum.

Houston Museum Stegosaurus


Other mounts have a less pronounced back curvature and more evenly
spaced ribs in the rib cage. How much could post-mortem processes
reshape the rib cage?

Also, the biggest plate over the sacral area is sometimes restored as
being horizontal or as vertical as in the new NHM mount. In fact, the
time-lapse sequence shows the big plate being repositioned to stick up
vertically. Another issue is whether the plates were a single row
tilted apart to fit along the back or were a separated double row in
an alternating staggered arrangement.

How Yale Stegosaurus was corrected in a remount.


Stegosaurus plates dissertation


Brian Switek article

Denver museum Stegosaurus


Wuerhosaurus fossil rib cage


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