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Enigmatic archosaur Crosbysaurus from Chinle Formation of Utah

Ben Creisler

A new advance online paper:

Robert J Gay & Isabella St. Aude (2014)
The first occurrence of the enigmatic archosaur Crosbysaurus (Heckert
2004) from the Chinle Formation of Southern Utah.
PeerJ PrePrints 2:e537v1

Originally identified as an ornithisichian dinosaur, Crosbysaurus has
been found in New Mexico, Arizona, and the type locality in Texas, the
genus has been reassessed by other workers in light of revelations
about the postcrania of another putative Triassic ornithischian,
Revueltosaurus. The understanding of Triassic dental faunas has become
more complicated by the extreme convergence between pseudosuchian
archosaurus and ornithichian dinosaur dental morphologies. This new
specimen does not help resolve the affinities of Crosbysaurus but does
extend the range of this taxon into southern Utah. This specimen may
also represent the youngest-known member of this genus