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Diplodocids from Portugal

Ben Creisler

A short paper from the recent IV Congresso Jovens Investigadores em
Geociencias. LEG 2014, in Évora, Portugal,posted online. It can be
viewed and downloaded at the link.

Pedro Mocho, Rafael Royo-Torres,  Elisabete Malafaia,  Fernando Escaso
& Francisco Ortega  (2014)
A preliminary evaluation of Diplodocidae record from the Upper
Jurassic of Lusitanian Basin (W, Portugal).
IV CJIG, LEG 2014, Livro de Actas. Pereira, I; Amaral, F.; Vinhas, A. (Eds.).
Pólo de Estremoz de UÉvora, 85-88.

The diplodocid record from the Upper Jurassic of the Lusitanian Basin
is relatively scarce. This record includes Dinheirosaurus and some
fragmentary remains, among which there has been proposed a second
taxon. The study of three new specimens from Valmitão (Lourinhã),
Cambelas (Torres Vedras) and Praia Vermelha (Peniche) and the
redescription of Dinheirosaurus is providing new information about the
diplodocids of the Lusitanian Basin. Preliminary phylogenetic analyses
suggest that these new specimens and Dinheirosaurus are derived
diplodocids closely related to Diplodocus and Barosaurus from the
Morrison Formation.