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Blocked posting to DML: Argentine Triassic theropod (news)

Ben Creisler

For two days now I have trying to post these news items to the DML. My
postings refuse to show up, so something in the text must be
activating a spam filter or other.... Apologies if any of them show up
at some point or if people received them.

I've added a space between the : and the // in the urls to see if
deactivating the links helps. People can delete the space to access
the links.


More on the major Triassic fossil site at Marayes in Argentina, with
an illustration of the animals found so far. (in Spanish)

A very rough translation from part of the article about a Triassic
theropod with air sacs that may be related to the evolution of birds:

As indicated by Ricardo Martinez, a paleontologist at the head of the
research team, one of most interesting of the new species they have
found is a type of theropod dinosaur.

"This is the first record of this type found in the entire Southern
Hemisphere, because until now it was thought that they only lived in
the Northern Hemisphere. While we are still studying the fossils, we
can say that it was a bipedal theropod, from 2 to 3 meters from head
to tail. A notable feature is that the neck vertebrae have cavities
that were air sacs, so we assume that they could have breathed the way
birds do. And given that birds evolved from theropods, there are some
really very interesting questions for further research about what
place this previously unknown dinosaur occupies in evolution."

http: //www.diariodecuyo.com.ar/home/new_noticia.php?noticia_id=644434


New finds at a Cretaceous site at Rincon in Argentina include a new
theropod dinosaur and an articulated titanosaur with skull (in