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Carcharodontosaurid teeth from Early Cretaceous of Henan Province, China

Ben Creisler

Junchang Lü, Li Xu, Hanyong Pu, Songhai Jia, Yoichi Azuma, Huali Chang
& Jiming Zhang (2014)
Paleogeographical significance of carcharodontosaurid teeth from the
late Early Cretaceous of Ruyang, Henan Province of central China.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Four carcharodontosaurid teeth from the Cretaceous deposits of Ruyang
County, Henan Province of central China are described in detail. The
discovery of these large teeth indicates that some of the largest
predatory dinosaurs coexisted with the gigantic plant-eating dinosaurs
of this fauna, and these predators were likely the top consumers in
the food chain. The teeth also further corroborate the biogeographic
model by previous researchers that the carcharodontosaurids were
broadly distributed rather than restricted to Gondwana, and this
report expands the known non-Gondwanan record of the clade. Gigantic
sauropod dinosaurs such as Ruyangosaurus and Huanghetitan ruyangensis
were also found in the same area.