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Brazilian nyctosaurid humerus Price 1953

Hello all,

Does anyone know anything about the possible nyctosaurid humerus from Brazil 
described by:

Price, L. I. 1953. A presença de Pterosáuria no Cretáceo superior do Estada da 
Paraiba. Divisão de Geologia e Mineralogia Notas Preliminares e Estudos, 71, 

Or, does anyone have this paper (or if it exists, an English translation)?  
What institution is housing the fossil?  Wellnhofer mentions it in The 
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs, but beyond that I haven't seen it 
discussed elsewhere.


Matthew McLain
PhD Candidate - Earth Sciences
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA
PteroTerra - http://pteroterra.herokuapp.com