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Anurognathid pterosaur with long tail from Upper Jurassic of China

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Shunxing Jiang, Xiaolin Wang, Xin Cheng, Fabiana Rodrigues Costa,
Jiandong Huang & Alexander W.A. Kellner (2014)
Short note on an anurognathid pterosaur with a long tail from the
Upper Jurassic of China.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Pterosaurs consist of an extinct group of flying reptiles that show
short- and long-tailed species. Among those are the anurognathids
whose phylogenetic position has been considered quite controversial.
So far, there are about 10 described specimens from the
Anurognathidae, from which only a few show the preservation of caudal
elements. Here, we report a new anurognathid specimen (IVPP V16728)
from Mutoudeng, Qinglong, Hebei, China that shows the most complete
tail of this non-pterodactyloid clade. The preserved part of the tail
has at least 20 caudal vertebrae, some showing extended chevrons and
zygapophyses, which is a very primitive character within pterosaurs.